Suspect behind killing of 19 year old Alvin

The police detained Jonar Vilagonzalo, a suspect in the shooting in Tabunok. Alvin Sinco, a 19-year-old man, was shot and killed by Jonar Vilagonzalo in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18, 2022, in the Tabunok Public Market in Barangay Tabunok, Talisay City.

Who is Jonar Vilagonzalo?

It was determined that Tuburan, a town in northern Cebu, resident Jonar Vilagonzalo has a violent background. In a fit of jealousy, he killed Alvin Sinco, the boyfriend of his ex. With the gun, he struck Alvin in the chest. His friend gave him the gun.

Caballes claimed that they were still checking into the police’s assertion that he obtained the gun from a coworker. Talisay City Mayor Samsam Gullas commended the Talisay City Police Station for the “rapid resolution” of the murder investigation. The police also issued warnings to crooks. Anyone planning to commit a crime in our beloved city should be aware of Jonar’s arrest. Ayaw intawn ninyo suwayi ang abilidad sa atong kapulisan, he wrote in a Facebook post.

Jonar Vilagonzalo

Why did Jonar Vilagonzalo kill Alvin?

The culprit, Jonar Vilagonzalo, was identified by local police in this area on October 20 at a press conference. Vilagonzalo was accused of killing 19-year-old Alvin Sinco with a gunshot. The suspect, Jonar Vilagonzalo, turned himself into the police on Wednesday, October 19, in the neighboring town of Minglanilla.

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According to Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, chief of the Talisay City Police Station, Jonar Vilagonzalo had fled the scene of the crime and was hiding in Minglanilla. Reporters in Cebuano were told by Caballes that the suspect “also admitted that he committed it.” Villagonzalo allegedly shot Sinco out of envy, according to the police chief.

They discovered that the suspect and the victim were acquainted and that the victim had dated the suspect’s ex-girlfriend.

How did the police arrest Jonar Vilagonzalo?

It appears that Jonar Vilagonzalo tried, but failed, to win back his ex-girlfriend. He then sent threatening messages to Sinco and his ex-girlfriend, a juvenile.

Caballes stated, “But the suspect has not given extra information as to why he committed such acts. After finding Vilagonzalo’s relatives and requesting their assistance, the police thanked them for helping with the investigation.

They were able to persuade the suspect to surrender despite his shock and disbelief upon learning of his involvement,” Caballes said.

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After the suspect agreed to give himself into the police, the suspect’s father allegedly informed the arresting authorities that the criminal was hiding at Brgy. Tungkil in Minglanilla. Vilagonzalo is now being detained at the Talisay City Police Station. The murder weapon, which the suspect could have seen before the crime, has also been found by police.

How did Alvin Sinco die?

Alvin Sinco, a native of the town of Tuburan in northern Cebu, was named as the shooting victim in the Tabunok incident. The head of the Talisay City Police Station, Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, claimed that Sinco sells rice out of a store in the marketplace. According to Caballes, there have been rumors that a love triangle may have been the catalyst for the incident. The investigation is still ongoing, so they haven’t confirmed this.

The guy was later apprehended and arrested after being seen in CCTV footage fleeing the crime site. A victim of a gunshot wound was seen sitting on the store’s sidewalk before collapsing in the CCTV footage. The culprit can be seen fleeing the scene and racing to the road in the other video.

According to the police report, the first investigation revealed that a bystander had reported the gunshot to the police department at 12:13 p.m. Sinco, a store employee, was already seated on the stairs when they arrived, his chest wounded from the gunshot. A shot to the left side of his chest and back struck him hard.

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