Why are LeslieAnne Wade and Tom Watson ending marriage?

The union between LeslieAnne Wade and Tom Watson was dissolved. The well-known golfer and the former CBS executive got married in July, but Wade subsequently said the union would not continue because of an unidentified illness she contracted.

Tom Watson and LeslieAnne Wade divorce

Tom Watson and LeslieAnne Wade wed in July, but their union quickly fell apart. Wade revealed that their marriage ended barely three months in because of an unexpected illness she suffered, which made their union unsustainable.

Over the past few months, I have been focused singularly on a challenging road through an unexpected illness. Tom has been supportive including making sure I have the best possible care. I am beyond grateful to him and blessed that I will make a full recovery.

LeslieAnne Wade

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In a previous tweet, Wade said, “Over the past few months, I have been solely focused on a difficult journey due to an unexpected illness. Tom has been helpful, ensuring that I receive the best care available among other things. I am grateful to him and fortunate that I will heal fully and completely. Sadly, we must end our marriage because we were unable to properly establish and develop our bond throughout these formative years. He will always mean the world to me, and we will always be connected.

LeslieAnne Wade

Wade and Watson’s relationship?

In May, Tom Watson and LeslieAnne Wade, a longtime executive at CBS Sports, announced their engagement. In July, they got married. Only a few months later, it looked like the couple had broken up. Before traveling to St. Andrews for the Open Championship this summer, Watson and Wade, who have been together for 15 years, exchanged vows. However, Wade claims that an “unexpected ailment” interfered with their plans.

Sadly, the inability to launch and build our relationship properly in these early days forces us to terminate our marriage. He will always mean the world to me and our connection is forever. 2/2

— LeslieAnne Wade

Wade founded the golf PR firm White Tee Partners and most recently worked as CBS Sports’ SVP of Communications. Nick Faldo, a golfing superstar who left CBS last year, and she once have a deep friendship and professional relationship.

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One of the greatest golfers of all time is considered to be 73-year-old Watson. In addition to his other 70 professional triumphs, he also won 39 PGA tournaments and eight major championships, including The Masters twice, U.S. Open once, and The Open Championship five times. In 1993 and 2004, he also led the American Ryder Cup team as its captain.

Watson’s previous spouse Hilary lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and passed away. Wade is a mother of three, and Watson has five children.

Wade’s personal life

Wade is a native of New York. She married Kevin and gave birth to 3 kids during her first union. Later, she wed Tom Watson, and shortly after, she filed for divorce due to her condition.

Before succeeding in founding the women-owned marketing company White Tee Partners, Wade served as the Senior Vice President of Communications for CBS Sports. The sources claim that she was previously married to Kevin Michael McGinn, who works for Total Sports Concepts in New York. In 1999, they got hitched, and a few years later, they divorced. Consequently, her first marriage also ended in divorce several years ago. 

Tom Watson’s Relationships

Tom Watson has been married three times. Linda Rubin and Watson were Watson’s first spouses; they separated in 1997. Hilary Watson became her second spouse. She passed away in 2019, and they were married in 1999. LeslieAnne Wade was the subject of his third marriage in 2022, and after a few months, they announced their separation.

His ex-spouse Hilary lost her fight with pancreatic cancer in 2019 after a two-year battle. She was 63. Watson gave a moving tribute to her life and memories when she passed away. He said at the time, “The emptiness she leaves will be replaced with memories that will always be there because they leave imprints on our souls that we will never forget. She claimed that throughout her entire battle with cancer, she was living to die, not dying to live. My hero is her.

He had already been married once before then. In 1997, Watson and Linda Rubin, whom he had dated since high school, split after 25 years of marriage.

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